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Vintage clothes seem to be a very hoot trend right now, and a wide array of fashion’s top houses and designers (including Nike and Diane von Furstenburg) have been known to draw some inspiration from the seemingly evergreen trend. That being aid, here are a few reasons why vintage clothes are always appropriate, regardless of the setting:

Vintage is eco-friendly

Vintage clothing is actually very good for the environment. At the moment, buying and making use of vintage clothes s one of the surest and safest ways to recycle. When you choose vintage, you’re doing your part to help keep the Earth safe by reducing the production of throw-away fashion.

Vintage is nostalgic

Just as their name goes, vintage clothes have a way of bringing you back to the good old days. They have a certain nostalgic feeling that you can’t seem to get anywhere else, and that is one of the major factors that contributes to its allure and appeal. You can rest assured that with vintage clothes, everyone around you will notice you for sure.

The uniqueness that comes with it

Are you ever walked into a venue and realized that you’re the only person wearing what you’re wearing? This is usually the feeling that most people get when they put on vintage clothing. We all love the uniqueness of fashion, and that is one area where vintage clothing excels.

Vintage is inspired

You can’t beat the classics, right?

When you choose vintage clothes, you are allowing yourself to be immersed into decades and decades of fashion inspiration.


When selecting clothes, quality is a factor that you should always consider and as much as most vintage clothes are being made in recent times, there are still certain vintage clothes that have managed to stand the test of time. This long-lasting characteristic is just a testament to their quality, and you’ll easily be able to see that when you wear them.


Vintage clothes, although reminiscent of the trendiest fashion styles in ages past, are also very transcendent. Today, they fit a wide array of accessories and ensembles pretty well. Whether you’ll like to wear a vintage shirt with a pair of Adidas shoes or you’ll like to pair them with official shoes (you know, brogues and oxfords), feel free to do so.

The investment involved

The vintage fashion is one that might not be here forever. Fewer and fewer people are putting on vintage clothes, and you can rest assured that when you can get your hands on one, you’ll be making a very wise investment.

Why not have a collection?

Looking to get a fashion collection, you can just as well start with one filled with vintage clothes. Summarize all the above advantages and you can see the upside and why having a vintage clothing collection might not particularly be a bad idea.



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