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About Us

                                                   Goggi, Jolli & Milki www.gojomi.com   

                                                                                        Essential Style for the Family on the Grow.

We are an Australian based retailer serving the world with a passion for the simplicity of play and the joy of the family lifestyle.

As a father of (fast) growing children there is the constant dilemna of how long to spend researching what to buy and the actual purchasing. My hope is the time I spend sourcing quality fashion garments and products for your family lifestyle means you spend more time enjoying the "big" things from the little ones in your life. Smiles. Cuddles. Kisses. Giggles.

I will continue to source quality garments and products to grow the range of items to make fashion easy for you and your family.

                                            Goggi, Jolli & Milki www.gojomi.com       Goggi, Jolli & Milki www.gojomi.com        Goggi, Jolli & Milki www.gojomi.com


T.S. Hie - founder and owner of "Goggi, Jolli & Milki"


A.B.N 693 985 628 97